Jesse Mundama

Personal Details

Name: Jesse Mundama


Experience: 3+ Years

Education & Training: faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Bamenda

Residency: Bamenda


Jesse Mundama is a holder of a BSc in Medical Laboratory Science from The University of

Bamenda. He is a youth leader passionate to touch the lives of the vulnerable through education by sponsoring them in their tuition and other challenges they face in school and he has been doing this for the past three years. He is a volunteer with light sharers association as a data collector, volunteer Providence Action, inspire for peace organizations as an administrative assistant. He is also a part of a youth led initiative which seeks to empower young people by mentoring them in secondary schools to choose right career paths, educate young on the importance of civic engagement and community relevance. He is a graduate student from the YAPCEC PEACE ACADEMY in community service, peace building and governance. He seeks not only to empower his community through leadership, education but also ministers the message of peace to them. With dedication and integrity, he wants to serve his community.