Sexual and Reproductive Health

We educate the youths on sexual and reproductive health. This so as to give them a good notion of their sexual life.

Fight Against STIs

We do every thing in our capacity to train youths in ways to prevent themselves about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Community Consultations

From time to time, we organise alongside our parrtners, consultations in different communities so as to enhance good health.
We put permanent processes in place to ensure youths have access to comprehensive sexuality education

Who We TArget

We do our maximum best to target the youthful population who are in high need of sexual and health education

Reproductive Health

A greater portion of the community need information about their health in line with reproduction.We therefore target such.


While we insitst on the risk of early marriages to the girls especially in the rural communities, we also sensitise parents.

Sexual Education

We beieve that it is important to train the youths on their sexual cycle so that they are aware of the entire cycle.

Health Empowerment

empower young people to become global advocates with the knowledge and resources needed to scale-up health initiatives

With access to

24 / 7


Care and Assistance

Our mission is to empower young people to become global advocates with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to scale up youth friendly sexual and reproductive health.